Extension update 3.0.0 & all new Dashboard 1.0

  • New standalone Sound Alerts dashboard Beta released. You can now configure Sound Alerts in a standalone web app instead of the configuration page on Twitch. The new Dashboard sets the ground to allow us to add more features for Sound Alerts in the future.
  • Channel Points! - Create up to 5 more additional Sound Alerts with channel points. Open the new dashboard and activate this new feature.
  • Dashboard: Refresh browser source button has been added at the top right of the activity feed.
  • Dashboard: Added the option to choose one of 5 different moods when you upload a new sound. When searching for new sounds you can filter them by specific moods.
  • Dashboard: Disable leaderboard option added
  • Dashboard: Improved Bits analytics. You can now set date ranges to analyze your Sound Alerts Bits income.
  • Browser source stability improvements and bug fixes